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Serving All Counties From Columbus East

We offer professional home inspections to home-buyers and sellers in Columbus, Ohio, and all counties to the east. Contact us to see if our services are available in your area.

Ohio Home Inspections

We can travel out of this area upon request.

Taking Calculated Steps Toward a Successful Home Purchase

When you boil it all down, it may seem that no matter what you do to prepare for buying a home, that it still requires taking a huge leap of faith. In some respects this is true, because a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make—but with Pledge Property Inspections on your side, you can cut back on the risks so that you’re able to forge ahead with confidence.

Our detail-oriented home inspections will help you learn what kind of condition a home is in overall, including information about how the home’s systems look in terms and wear and tear, and how they operate. When we’re finished up, you’ll be able to walk into final negotiations feeling inspired, self-assured, and ready to reach a decision on your own terms.

Columbus Ohio Home Inspections

Professionalism at Its Peak

  • Our home inspections reveal the strengths and weaknesses in the home’s construction, helping you identify and manage any obstacles that will need to be overcome in order for you to have peace of mind with your prospective investment
  • We love meeting and getting to know our clients, learning about what your family is specifically looking for in a home so that we can help you secure an investment in which your needs and expectations are fully satisfied
  • Our home inspections are always 100% complete—meaning that you can rely on us to pay meticulous attention to the details so that you receive an honest and accurate evaluation of the property
Home Inspection Reports Delivered In 24 Hours

High-Quality Inspection Reports Available in 24 Hours

We’re committed to providing a highly informative and easy-to-read inspection report that will be available for your viewing within just 24 hours of the completed inspection service. We’ll detail the home’s condition from top to bottom, including all of the readily accessible structural components and each of the home’s major mechanical systems.

We’ll even report on aspects of the property outside of the main structure, including the grading, drainage, and condition of any driveways or walkways. High-resolution photographs of the home will be included as necessary to provide additional clarification about any issues we’ve described in the report.

Digital Home Inspection Report

A 20% discount is available for all active-duty military, veterans, and first responders. We also extend a 10% discount to first-time home-buyers.

There’s plenty you can do right now to take surer steps forward into your future as a homeowner, and at Pledge Property Inspections, we can say with confidence that a quality home inspection is a huge part of that process. We’ll make sure that you have a full understanding of the home’s condition so that you’re able to make an informed and financially secure decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.   

Weekend and evening appointments can be scheduled by request. We accept online payments.